Tuesday, 20 October 2015

7 features which every home security system must have

The definition and description of home security has really transformed in the last decade or two. We live in the times when home security is no longer about manual locks but about automatic locks and advanced security system installation. If you are someone who is interested in getting a good security system installed at home, then there are some characteristics and features which it must definitely have. The following is a list of the 7 major features which every home security system must have.

1.    Security alarms

One of the main features which you must watch out for in a security system is an alarm system.  This is a feature through which the system will make the alarm go off when someone unauthorized tries to enter your premises.  There are many different types of alarms and alarm settings. You must choose one which is flexible and customizable in nature.

2.    Security lights

Another feature which your home security system must have is security lights.  Nicely placed lights can help deter criminal activity and they are necessary in dark areas where cameras are installed.  They offer better visibility.

3.    Security cameras

Another thing that must be included in a security system is a set of security cameras.  This is no doubt the most effective security tool and helps to record and display coverage of the activity happening outside your home or even inside it.  This can help deter criminal activity and may tip you off to avoid theft.

4.    Monitoring systems

Monitoring systems can help you record all activity outside your home so that you can capture images of thieves and burglars and this can help solve crimes, if any.  These systems are best tools for enhanced security and are useful for even commercial buildings and establishments.

5.    Remote access

Any modern day security system is incomplete without the feature of remote access. You must be able to view and access your security parameters and systems from a remote destination using your phone or computer.  This enables you to unlock doors, lock them and raise alarms if necessary.

6.    Extra security sensors

The system must also include extra security sensors like glass break detectors, motion detectors and smoke detectors etc. these sensors too help you keep your premises safe and secure at all times.

7.    Automation technology

Home automation technology can enable you to unlock doors automatically and not necessarily manually. This technology must also be present in your modern day security system and is one you must definitely watch out for.

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